Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Saturday I went to Rhinebeck. Yeah! I woke my husband up at 6:00am and we left by 7:00. We got in slightly early. The Festival wasn’t even open yet and you should have seen the lines at The Fold. My husband waited on line while I made my selections. I got the one thing I came for, Socks That Rock. As a matter of fact, I bought two skeins, Dreidel and Watermelon Tourmaline.
After that, we kind of wandered around trying to avoid the crowds. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy anything else. I didn’t need anything, but the fiber was just so luscious. I saw a few Rhinebeck Bingo players but none that I recognized. It was just as well that I wasn’t a player. I had enough to concentrate on. We spoke to a lot of spinning wheel dealers but I’m not sure I am ready for a wheel. It was just so nice there. The animals were so cute.

I watched the sheep shearing twice.

We had a nice lunch and wandered some more. It kept getting more and more crowded. So we gave up and went home. I was disappointed that I didn’t buy more, so today I ordered some Knitpicks needles to make Jaywalkers with my new Dreidel sock yarn and a few yarn books from Amazon. I’ve wanted Wrap Style for a while and decided to also get Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I also ordered Spinning the Old Way to see if I could master the spindle I bought last year that I never used. I’m going to Stitches East so I guess I still may have the opportunity to acquire more stash. Right now, I can’t even decide what to make next so I certainly don’t need anything. But more is always better. Right?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Getting Socked Out

Usually I knit about one pair of socks every two months. It is slow and steady and gives me time to knit other things. However, in honor of Soctoberfest I am making two pair this month. I thought I would make three and really break my record, but I am having trouble completing two. The first pair went quickly. I enjoyed making Fluted Banister Socks by Laura Gallagher in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Vera. Now I am making Pembrokeshire Pathways Socks by Brenda Dayne of Cast-On fame in the Regia I bought in Princeton. I love the way this pattern looks and it is easy enough to knit. I think this yarn just doesn't go with this pattern. The yarn is too horizontal while the pattern is vertical. I know I am going to love these socks. They are a great color that will go with everything. But my fingers are itching for larger needles. I just have to push myself.
I also think I have become sidetracked by Rhinebeck. So many possibilities are there. I just can't wait. Last year was so much fun. I didn't buy much what but I did buy was wonderful. I did a lot of just wandering around. This year I have more of an agenda. First, I want to see what everyone raves about with Socks That Rock. Next, try a few spindles and wheels. Do I really want to go into spinning? I don't know. I'm hoping trying things out will help me decide. Next, check out all the yarns and patterns. I am looking for a simple cardigan pattern, maybe with a cable or two but not in endless stockinette. I haven't seen anything around that appealed to me. Maybe someone will have something interesting there. I also have to see and pet as many animals as possible just because it is so much fun. Oh, and I want to see as many bloggers as possible. I only have one day and may not get to all these things. I may get distracted by all that gorgeous yarn and never leave that section. We will soon see. Only two days to until I go.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Every stash tells a story!

Here is my sock stash and here are some more of Lolly's Socktoberfest questions.
Do you have certain patterns planned for some of the yarns? Do you buy yarn and then choose a pattern?
I totally buy yarn and then plan patterns. Now that I think about it, except for the times I see a pattern and then search for the perfect yarn for it. When a new sock comes along in the Six Sock Knitalong I first check my stash but then I usually buy a new yarn. If I am in a yarn store I always check out the sock yarn, usually see something to buy and then go looking for patterns. So I guess the answer is yes to both questions.
Does a certain sock yarn you have in your stash take you back to a certain event? (where you were when you bought/received it? what was going on in your life at the time!)
Most sock yarn I buy to use right away. Sometimes something is on sale and I buy it because it is a good buy. Not too often, I am on vacation or in another town, visit a LYS and see something that appeals to me. Usually, this yarn stays in my stash, forever waiting for a perfect pattern and it always makes me remember the place where I got it. Some yarn I receive in exchanges. I always think of the generosity and thoughtfulness of my swap pal when I use this yarn.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Scarf Time

My scarf exchange partner received her scarf so I can finally show a picture. I designed it myself using a Barbara Walker pattern. She wanted something lacey and autumny so used Jazz from ArtYarns and a leafy pattern. I used the extra yarn for Fetching. I also finished a scarf for myself. I made Danica from Knitty in Patons SWS. The yarn is easy to work with and comes in great colorways. This is a very soft and warm scarf.
Sunday I traveled to Princeton, New Jersey to see Quark Park. Teams of artists and scientist created some pretty magical exhibits. While in Princeton I found a lovely LYS called Pins and Needles where I got some Regia sock yarn at a great price. I'm sorry I didn't get more. Oh well, it is an excuse to visit this lovely town again.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Soctoberfest is a great time to consider how and why I make socks. For years I was afraid to try socks. It was something about all those needles, that strange turning, those tiny stitches that stopped me cold. I must have heard of using two circular needles someplace, maybe on the web. So I went into my LYS and asked the owner if she had ever heard of it. It’s the only way to go, she told me, and proceeded to set me up with two size #2 Addi circulars, some Opal yarn, and her own printed instructions. It was clear as mud until she demonstrated how each needle was knitting onto itself. Then something clicked and I have never done socks any other way. That was about two years ago and I have completed about 12 pairs of socks. I have been branching out a little with different stitch patterns but have always used my two circs. I have tried different types of heels and don’t prefer any one. The socks I am knitting now use the eye of partridge style heel and I like the way that looks.
My socks really hold up over time because I never wear them. I am afraid I will get holes or they will wear out. Also, my feet get awfully hot in them. I have a nice collection sitting on top pf a chest in my bedroom that I look at and admire. That really has to stop. I’ve used and enjoyed many yarns. I have to admit I have used all the colors of Lion Brand sock yarn and found them perfectly fine. I have also used Opal, Trekking, Paton’s Kroy and Lorna’s Laces without noticing that much difference except in weight. I am addicted to self-striping and variegated yarn though. I love to see how the colors change.
I have a goal for Soctoberfest, actually two. I would like to try toe-up socks and grafting. For all my socks I have used a three-needle bind off or gathered toe because I am afraid of grafting. After all that work will I drop all the stitches and never pick them up again? But I have a month to try and I will.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Nice Surprise

I received my Knitters Tea Swap package today from my secret swap pal, KnitPastis. It was filled with terrific goodies. She actually dyed this yarn for me herself and in my favorite fall colors. She also included some lovely Paton's Classic Wool for Fuzzy Feet from Knitty and some dishcloth yarn too. There were also some lovely teas and my favorite cookies. I had to take a picture quickly because I couldn't wait to open them. Some scented candles made the whole package smell lovely. Thanks so much KnitPastis. I love everything.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October Projects

It is October and time for Socktoberfest. I have a few things I should try. I've never done toe up socks and, I hate to admit, I've never grafted toes. I always knit top down and either a three-needle bind off or a gathered toe. But I love doing socks that way so I don't know if I will push myself to try anything new. I did buy some really nice new yarn at The Point in New York yesterday, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Vera. I have no LYS so it is hard to get better yarns and it takes a major trip to get some. I'm planning on casting on tonight for either the Fluted Banister Socks by Laura Gallagher or RPM from Knitty by Aija Goto. I want to make both this month.

I have become hooked on Knitty's Fetching. I'm doing my third pair now.They will be great with a scarf or hat for holiday gifts. I've joined the Lonesome Skein KAL so I will be using up a few loose or extra skeins in my stash. Fetching is perfect for that.
I also want to make another sweater from Knitting Nature this month. I'm not sure which one yet.
October is a great month for knitting and I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.