Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Vacation

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Norway and Iceland. When my husband asked me where I wanted to go this year I said Spain. He then came up with a trip to Scotland. Somehow, in the way only a 40 year marriage can do it, this was the compromise. It was just so beautiful. We cruised, we ate, we toured and we went to museums and parks. We rode boats and trains and saw fjords, geysers, waterfalls and even wild musk oxen. The boat from Bergen to Trondheim was my favorite. A whole day of sitting and knitting and looking at gorgeous scenery made me feel so relaxed. We were in Trondheim during their Independence Day. You should have seen the terrific costumes everyone was wearing.
We viewed knitted items at folk museums and visited yarn stores. I bought Rauma yarn in Norway to try some stranded mittens and I bought a lot of Icelandic wool to make a vest and who knows what else. We stuffed it in our suitcases, which of course had to be expanded. Thank goodness for expansion zippers on luggage.

When I came back everyone said I looked so relaxed, and I was. We did and saw a lot but there was a lot of down time too. It seemed like there were parks everywhere with lovely benches. All the flowers were blooming and they all had ponds. I would love to go back sometime and take the complete cruise up the coast of Norway. I have to say it was a very expensive trip. But we both really enjoyed it.