Thursday, March 05, 2009

Project Spectrum 2009

I joined Project Spectrum on Ravelry this year, and then I left the group. There were so many projects that I wanted to knit. I didn’t want to commit to certain colors at certain times. But I just finished this March KAL for the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group, Swan Maiden Mitts, and look at the color. Green, my favorite, is the assigned color for this month’s Cardinal Directions in Project Spectrum.

I looked on the blog Lolly Knitting Around yesterday and read about her photography /writing challenge. I hardly use my new camera, so here was a wonderful and interesting opportunity. I rejoined. It just sounded so intriguing. This morning I took my camera, went out the front door, faced north and shot this picture. Not too inspiring is it? But that is what I see each morning. Maybe that is why I am not happy living where I do. At lunch I took my camera and walked north past the buildings on the college campus where I work, and got to the forest. Much better. I don’t know if this ivy is a survivor of the winter or a harbinger of spring, but it was so good to see it in the snowy landscape.
Lolly said,
"Determine which way is north from your location - use a compass or a GPS or simply look towards the sky. Grab your camera. Orient yourself to look north - outside may be best for photographic clarity and “interestingness.” Snap a photo of what you see. Post your photo on Flickr, Ravelry, or on your own blog
Feel free to describe what north means to you. Repeat in different locations and in different conditions as many times throughout the months as you like.
What is physically north of you: the city? the mountains? the ocean?
What is mentally north for you: a memory? a sentimental connection?"
Actually North means cold and forbidding to me. I don’t like cold. I never would have chosen green for this month. I would have picked ice blue or silver. Maybe that is too prosaic. I do like the mountains in the North. For many years I visited the White Mountains in New Hampshire in the summer and still love to go and do a little walking there when I can. I also love rocks and stones. I have to think about this a little more and take more North pictures. North of my mother’s house is New York City, which I love. What is north just depends on where you are standing.