Monday, April 23, 2007


April 15 was the first anniversary of this blog. I started it so I could join swaps and exchanges and I have participated in quite a few. I've also used it to document all my completed objects. I have had so much fun keeping up this blog, planning, writing and taking pictures. I was going to definitely do an anniversary post and then we had a huge rain storm and I forgot completely. Today I read someone else's anniversary post and was reminded. I was going to just skip mine but that wouldn't be right. I guess I'll just have a belated celebration. How to celebrate? I still have to think about it. Maybe in the usual way, by buying yarn. Maybe donating some too.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring at Last

We had terrible weather early last week. I was so happy to see these daffodils at the pond behind the building where I work. Maybe I can get outside more now that the rain stopped and the temperature is a little higher.
I finished the Horcrux socks and they are really comfortable. Trekking XXL is wonderful. It's thick and spongy with muted color changes. The socks were easy and went so quickly. I have seen some made in Harry Potter house colors on Six Sock Knitalong and they look great. I may make a pair like that too. I just have to decide which house I belong to. Every time I take a quiz on the internet I come out belonging to a different house. I may pick Ravenclaw. I think they use blue and silver or bronze.
I've also jumped on the Chevron Scarf bandwagon from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm using up some left over red merino that I can't even remember buying and have no idea what I used for with some merino yarn that was a present from KnitPastis called Fallen Leaves. It is a little brighter than the things I usually wear but maybe it is time to go a little brighter!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Gifts

I've been trying to finish up some gifts so I can start on the spring projects that I want to make for me with a clear conscience. Here are some more baby gifts, my second Baby Surprise and the Baby Bolero from One Skein. I’m not so sure that the bolero is enough for a gift. It may be better for a teddy bear than a child. It only took one afternoon to make though and it was fun seeing how it came together. Maybe I can combine it with something else. I am getting tired of Baby Surprise sweaters even though this is only my second. Maybe I should just wait a few months before making another. I have been looking on the web for other baby sweaters and I found a few that looked good so I may make one of those next. I need four completed sweaters for gifts. Luckily I don’t need the last one until September.
I am also working on the secret scarf for my scarf exchange pal and that is almost finished. I’m not saying too much in case she finds this blog but I will be mailing it in about a month and then I can show pictures.

I had to knit the April/May sock on the Six Sock Knitalong. It is the Horcrux Sock based on Harry Potter. See the zigzag scar? I’m using the Trekking XXL yarn that I couldn’t resist in Lenox when I went to the yoga and knitting weekend. Really, I think the pattern shows more clearly in solid yarn but I didn’t have any in my stash and I just love these muted colors. There is another pattern for a worsted weight sock and I may try that in a solid. I’ve tried a few house sorting sites on the web to see which Hogwarts house I would fit into and every time I get different results. I’ll just pick the colors I like best.
This Sunday is my one year blogiversary. Who knew how much fun this would be? Look at all the FOs this year. I’m impressed! Now, how shall I celebrate?

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's Here

My yarn order came today. This is just a part of it. I can't wait to begin using it all up.

And Crochet Too!

I learned to crochet a long time ago but usually just use it for borders, edgings and trims. But something about this sweater in the Free Friday Patterns email from Berroco just struck me and I had to make it from some stash Patons Merino. I had forgotten how fast crochet can be. It only took me a week to make this. The pattern showed a flowery belt and I thought it would be too much so I just used a hair clip to close it, but I see it looks a little bulky around the waist. So I will crochet the belt as soon as I get a chance.
A while ago while browsing the web I saw that a company called Knit Happens was having a great sale so I ordered a lot of yarn, mostly for making gifts. I am still waiting for it to arrive and then I will start my new April sock pattern from the Six Sock Knitalong (which are Harry Potter socks called Horcrux and look fantastic) and a whole bunch of baby patterns. Also, it is time for the 4th International Scarf Exchange and I ordered yarn for that too. I will certainly be busy soon!