Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost Finished

Finally, the baby shower. The blanket and bibs I made were a hit.
I’ve actually been knitting all this time, but I haven’t blogged because I don’t have much to show for it. All this time I’ve been working on the Tilted Duster. I can’t understand how some people finish it so quickly. I only have to sew in one more sleeve and then I’ll be finished, so maybe tonight. I didn’t like how the collar looked on me. It was too high and bothered my neck. So I frogged it and left off the button holes and plan to join it with one button and a loop at the bust. I like to wear sweaters open anyway and this will give me more options. I really like it. The yarn is soft and it was fun to make. I guess I like to knit ribbing, although I know a lot do not. Today I started the Cobblestone Pullover for my son. I haven’t gotten too far but I am not that happy with the yarn. Classic Elite Skye Tweed is just not as soft as Peruvia, and I’ve been spoiled. I’ll finish it though. If he doesn’t like it, someone will.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Knitting On

I don’t seem to be finishing much lately. First, I frogged the Chevron Scarf for my friend’s birthday because it was rolling in at the sides too much. Instead I started this diagonal knit scarf. The idea came from the back section in the book Scarf Style and I’m pretty happy with it. If I think about all the gifts I have to knit I get nervous. And yet I just sent my name to join International Scarf Exchange 5.
I have also been knitting the Tilted Duster and somehow every time I work on it my left wrist hurts. Maybe I am just pulling the yarn too tightly. I finished and sewed the fronts and back and, instead of starting the sleeves, because I am a very impatient person I went ahead started the skirt. Sewing was hard because if you tug on the yarn it just splits apart. I love the way it looks so far but I already made one mistake in a tilted section. There was a hole on a M1. Knitting back with over 200 stitches wasn’t going to work so I tried to drop it down and fix it that way. The hole is gone but it is certainly not perfect.
My son chose this color for the Cobblestone Pullover and I am going to start that next but I don’t want too many UFO’s around so I have to finish something first, probably the scarf. So many projects, so little time!