Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation Time

I’ve been on vacation. I know that is a sorry excuse for not blogging but that is all I have. We went up north and visited Lake Placid, Quebec and Maine. Unfortunately, before we left my right hand started aching so I wasn’t able to knit on the long car rides. I did visit some great yarn stores though. Adirondack Yarn is a lovely store in Lake Placid with the nicest owner. She had a great Fleece Artist kit to make thrummed mittens but since it was our first stop I showed restraint. Now I am sorry. The next store was La Dauphine in Quebec. Another terrific place with a big selection, especially of sock yarn. My plan was to visit Webs on the way home, one that didn’t work out, so I didn’t buy there either. When I got to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine my resolve weakened. What a great place it was. The kind you can just about get lost in. The people there were so helpful. I bought a cone of Shetland wool to make the Jared Flood mittens in Vogue. We did a lot of driving and saw some beautiful places but everywhere we went was extremely crowded. We had trouble parking, getting in to events, getting seats in restaurants. I guess a lot of people are traveling locally for their vacations this year.
Near the end of the trip my hand felt better so I worked on the sweater I had started specifically for this vacation, the February Lady Sweater. I’ve since finished the body and started one sleeve but it looks a little short so I may have to go back and make it longer. It is a dark blue with little flecks of color in my usual Filatura Lanarota Chaco from Smileys.