Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation Time

I’ve been on vacation. I know that is a sorry excuse for not blogging but that is all I have. We went up north and visited Lake Placid, Quebec and Maine. Unfortunately, before we left my right hand started aching so I wasn’t able to knit on the long car rides. I did visit some great yarn stores though. Adirondack Yarn is a lovely store in Lake Placid with the nicest owner. She had a great Fleece Artist kit to make thrummed mittens but since it was our first stop I showed restraint. Now I am sorry. The next store was La Dauphine in Quebec. Another terrific place with a big selection, especially of sock yarn. My plan was to visit Webs on the way home, one that didn’t work out, so I didn’t buy there either. When I got to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine my resolve weakened. What a great place it was. The kind you can just about get lost in. The people there were so helpful. I bought a cone of Shetland wool to make the Jared Flood mittens in Vogue. We did a lot of driving and saw some beautiful places but everywhere we went was extremely crowded. We had trouble parking, getting in to events, getting seats in restaurants. I guess a lot of people are traveling locally for their vacations this year.
Near the end of the trip my hand felt better so I worked on the sweater I had started specifically for this vacation, the February Lady Sweater. I’ve since finished the body and started one sleeve but it looks a little short so I may have to go back and make it longer. It is a dark blue with little flecks of color in my usual Filatura Lanarota Chaco from Smileys.


Blogger Lupie said...

I found your blog on stix-n-stitches on revelry. Your knitting is beautiful and your blog is very interesting.
I'm on a mission to start a list of little known bloggers. There are the superstars of knitting blogs that we all read. They get 50,100 and more comments. But there are so many good blogs, with great projects and ideas, that no one knows about. Soooo as I find them I would like to list them. Not that it will make a difference because I am one of those little blogs but I'll feel better with blog world. We have started a blog Lesser Know Skeins and may start a group on Ravelry with my daughters help. More info to follow.
Those in the group will place each others blogs on their blog lists. Let me know if you're interested.

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