Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Friday in New York

We are now on summer hours at work so we work long hours all week and have Fridays off. I spent last Friday wandering around Manhattan heading towards the Battery Maritime Building where an installation by David Byrne from the Talking Heads was on view. It was totally wonderful. An old organ was wired into the building and playing it made all kinds of sounds. Everyone was smiling and playing. It was hard to drag myself away.
Unfortunately, earlier in the day I broke one of the circular needles from my Handsome Devils Socks and I wanted to knit on the bus going home, so the rest of the day was spent finding a replacement. I had never visited Seaport Yarns before and was very pleasantly surprised. Their yarn selection was outstanding. They had everything. I know because the nice owner gave me a personal tour of the entire store. Although they didn’t have the exact needle I needed they had a serviceable replacement. The owner suggested I stop at the World Financial Center to see the marine-like crocheted and knitted forms on display there and I did. I think it was called Under the Sea or something like that. I had never seen anything like it before.

By Saturday I couldn’t move because I had done so much walking the day before, but I was determined to KIP for Knit in Public Day so my husband drove me to Montclair, New Jersey for a little sidewalk knitting outside Modern Yarn. It was hot and humid but I still had a wonderful time. The hardest part was resisting all the great bargains on the sales table in front of the store. My stash is overflowing the room where I keep it so, even though it was hard, I walked away.


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