Monday, March 03, 2008

Malabrigo March

Hooray for Malabrigo March. I couldn’t resist joining the Ravelry group. I’ve only used Malabrigo worsted yarn a few times but it is so soft. I went to Modern Yarn last week and bought all this. From left to right they are Pink frost, Vetiver, Stonechat and Sapphire green. I also have a skein of lace weight in Autumn forest that I bought at Windsor Buttons on my trip to Boston last summer . I’m going to try to make the following projects in March: Chevalier Mittens, A Better Bucket Hat, another Koolhaas in green , Easy Flame Lace Shawl by Wendy Bernard in the lace weight, and an Amanda hat. That should keep me busy! There were prizes. How could I resist?


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