Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Gift For Me

My scarf exchange package came and the scarf is just gorgeous. At first I thought it was beige but then I took it outside for a picture and I saw it is the most beautiful mossy green which is my favorite color. The workmanship is exquisite. The design is just what I would have made for myself. Thank you so much Morag. Morag included a card and calendar from Scotland. They make me want to visit Scotland as soon as possible.
So what to make when you don't know what to make? Socks. I started a pair designed by Debra Chinn in Socks That Rock medium in Henpecked with my favorite Addi #2 needles. So far I am very pleased. Now I can delay picking a sweater to knit because at least my hands are busy. I have loads of sock yarn so I can procrastinate like this for quite a while.
I finished my second pair of Peekaboo mittens from MagKnits February 2007. I think they are so cute and practical. I can complete a pair in two days so I may make a few of these for gifting next year.


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