Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My First Yarn Review

When my son moved to San Francisco a few years ago I immediately checked out what yarn stores were around. At the top of the list was Artfibers. It was located conveniently downtown and the reviews were uniformly fantastic. With my son in tow I found the building, climbed to the second floor and looked around. He was happy to see a nice sitting area where he could snooze while I shopped and I was happy to see neatly labeled shelves filled with unusual and interesting yarn. Most were blends I had never seen anywhere else. I immediately noticed a gorgeous alpaca scarf hanging up. When I asked about it, I was provided with the proper yarn and the complete pattern. Though the scarf is a little worse for wear, I’m still wearing it and I love its softness and warmth. I visited the shop a few more times during San Francisco visits and always found something beautiful to buy so I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from the company saying that they had updated their website, http://www.artfibers.com. They advertised new lower prices and some new yarns. They send swatching samples so I selected some newer yarn, Chutney, Nirvana, Bhutan, Banbusa and Galicia, all with exotic or luxury fibers like cashmere, bamboo and silk, and quickly received them. I happened to have some size 8 needles handy so I just swatched Galicia and what a pleasure it was to knit. It’s 90% silk, 9% superkid mohair and 2% wool. Just look at the color and sheen. Too bad you can’t feel the silky softness. I just loved this yarn and will certainly order some for a little jacket or scarf. I would definitely advise everyone to check them out on the web.


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