Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rhinebeck Was Today

I just got home from Rhinebeck. What a beautiful day. First, the weather was just glorious. I wore my Crocs because it rained heavily last night but I didn’t really need them. It wasn’t even wet. They showed off my handmade socks though. The sun was shining and there was a little breeze. It was so much fun to walk around and see all the vendors and animals. We left the house at 7 am and got there at around 9. I immediately raced to The Fold booth but I didn’t intend to buy much and I didn’t. I already have Socks That Rock from last year and I haven’t even used it yet. The booth was jammed as usual but I am getting tired of that type of colorful yarn. Shaded solid colors just feel fresher to me. Then my husband and I just walked around exploring. A highlight of the day was the Bloggers’ meet-up. This year I was square and a player for Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. At first I was shy but then I got into the spirit of things and just went around asking other people if they were on my card. Everyone was really nice and I met so many new knitters. I actually finished a row. I was on a lot of other people’s cards too and I was so surprised to hear that they read this blog. I always feel that I write to myself and some nebulous blogosphere. I am so happy that others are reading this too.
The animals were adorable, as usual. We watched some judging and some shearing. Anyway, I didn’t get much yarn but I did get some mohair roving. We won’t mention the Golding spindle I found at the last minute and couldn’t put down. After, we went to the Morehouse Farm store where they were having a garage sale. Skeins of lace weight yarn that sold for over $8 in the store were only $2 each. They were considered broken but the woman that worked there examined them and said they only had one or two breaks. I’m an expert spit-splicer so I didn’t resist.


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