Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reading Not Knitting

There hasn’t been too much knitting around here lately. Why? I’ve been enthralled by the novel World Without End by Ken Follett. I loved Pillars of the Earth when I read it and now this book has charmed me as well. It has over a thousand pages and I finished it last night. It was so well researched and the characters were so realistic. I felt as though I were actually living in a village in medieval England. I did buy some yarn for my next project though. See the new buttons on the blog? I’m going to be a fearless knitter and participate in the Secret of the Stole II. I enjoyed the mystery stole this summer so I am trying again. I went to the monthly sale at Silk City Yarn last Saturday and bought this big spool of a mix of cashwool (whatever that is), cashmere and silk. Hope it works out. I’ve picked out some #4 needles but haven’t swatched yet. The first clue comes out tomorrow. Good thing I finished the novel in time.


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