Friday, May 09, 2008


Knitting here has slowed down considerably. I just can’t make a decision. I keep buying magazines and looking at web sites but nothing really appeals to me. Do I want a sleeveless summer shell or a cotton cardigan? Do I want to use some wool from my stash or will it be too warm to knit right now? So I am making another Lace Ribbon Scarf, this time in some cotton that I found in my yarn storage room. It is on a cone so it is probably from Silk City, but I don’t remember it at all. Cotton is so rough to knit with but I really like the color and, of course, the pattern rocks. Scarves and socks are perfect for when I can't decide on a project.

I finished Square Cake, a lovely small evening bag from Knitty, because I need it for a wedding. I used stash yarn and that felt good. In fact, I should try to use only yarn from my stash for the summer. I have so much. That means I cannot walk into a yarn store because I have absolutely no willpower and yarn is so yummy and impossible to resist. Anyway, I ordered some Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere last year for a baby sweater but I never used it. I combined it with some classy gold thread from Silk City Fibers. I think I got that for free at one of their giveaways with purchase. I am really pleased with the bag. I bought the lining in the garment center in NYC. I just walked into a fabric store near the Port Authority and asked for gold lining fabric and it was $2.00 a yard. What a bargain!


Blogger Maven said...

A friend of mine made me Square Cake... it's one of the few items anyone has ever made for me. So sweet!

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