Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Gifts

I've been trying to finish up some gifts so I can start on the spring projects that I want to make for me with a clear conscience. Here are some more baby gifts, my second Baby Surprise and the Baby Bolero from One Skein. I’m not so sure that the bolero is enough for a gift. It may be better for a teddy bear than a child. It only took one afternoon to make though and it was fun seeing how it came together. Maybe I can combine it with something else. I am getting tired of Baby Surprise sweaters even though this is only my second. Maybe I should just wait a few months before making another. I have been looking on the web for other baby sweaters and I found a few that looked good so I may make one of those next. I need four completed sweaters for gifts. Luckily I don’t need the last one until September.
I am also working on the secret scarf for my scarf exchange pal and that is almost finished. I’m not saying too much in case she finds this blog but I will be mailing it in about a month and then I can show pictures.

I had to knit the April/May sock on the Six Sock Knitalong. It is the Horcrux Sock based on Harry Potter. See the zigzag scar? I’m using the Trekking XXL yarn that I couldn’t resist in Lenox when I went to the yoga and knitting weekend. Really, I think the pattern shows more clearly in solid yarn but I didn’t have any in my stash and I just love these muted colors. There is another pattern for a worsted weight sock and I may try that in a solid. I’ve tried a few house sorting sites on the web to see which Hogwarts house I would fit into and every time I get different results. I’ll just pick the colors I like best.
This Sunday is my one year blogiversary. Who knew how much fun this would be? Look at all the FOs this year. I’m impressed! Now, how shall I celebrate?


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