Sunday, January 14, 2007

Two Projects At Once

I've always tried to only have one project going at a time. However, recently I discovered it is better if I have a small project for the car and work and keep larger more complicated ones for home. So I am working on the Reverse Chevron Scarf as a small project and have started Ariann as a larger one to work on at home only. It is definitely taking me more time to finish each thing but this way I have no wasted time. I guess I am slightly compulsive. So now I have two lists of projects that I want to make. Here is the Chevron scarf. It is in Paton's Merino Wool and the colors are making a great pattern. Ariann is in my usual Chaco. It will take me a while to get the pattern really going so I can see how it will look.

In spite of deciding to only knit from my stash, Smileys had a great sale this week so guess where I was on Saturday. They did have some great buys but I restrained myself and only bought enough wool for two sweaters and some pastel green baby cotton for a Baby Surprise Sweater for my friend's daughter.


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