Monday, November 27, 2006

Endless Cables

My husband has been so nice taking me to yarn events recently. When he admired a cabled and front zipped vest at Stitches East I bought the pattern when he wasn’t looking. He probably knows he is getting something because I have been measuring him and asking him what colors he likes but I hope he doesn’t know exactly what. I had dark olive green, brown, heathered blue and this red in my stash and asked him which color he preferred. He picked this and I started the vest last week. It is an Irish pattern and is completely cabled. Needless to say, I am totally sick of cables and really thought I would have the back finished by now. I seem to be knitting very tightly so it is even harder to complete. But I will persevere. I want to change the front slightly so there is a channel to stitch in the zipper. I looked up a zipped sweater I had made for myself from an old 2001 Interweave and I think I understand what I did. It seems I made a knit and purl on the front and purl and knit on the back edges. I’ll test it out on a swatch before I get to the fronts. I have a lot of projects I want to make so I am trying to knit this vest quickly. Even though after a while it just makes my hands ache, I am so compulsive that I just can’t put it away for a while. I’m afraid I’ll never finish it. So I will just keep going, knitting as fast as I can. I finished my first pair of Jaywalkers with the yarn that was a gift from KnitPastis. I think they came out great. And finally my first grafted toes! Thank you Knit Doctor at Stitches East for explaining grafting so I finally understood it. Stripes look great in this pattern. I will definitely make another pair, maybe in the Rhinebeck STR.


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