Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Soctoberfest is a great time to consider how and why I make socks. For years I was afraid to try socks. It was something about all those needles, that strange turning, those tiny stitches that stopped me cold. I must have heard of using two circular needles someplace, maybe on the web. So I went into my LYS and asked the owner if she had ever heard of it. It’s the only way to go, she told me, and proceeded to set me up with two size #2 Addi circulars, some Opal yarn, and her own printed instructions. It was clear as mud until she demonstrated how each needle was knitting onto itself. Then something clicked and I have never done socks any other way. That was about two years ago and I have completed about 12 pairs of socks. I have been branching out a little with different stitch patterns but have always used my two circs. I have tried different types of heels and don’t prefer any one. The socks I am knitting now use the eye of partridge style heel and I like the way that looks.
My socks really hold up over time because I never wear them. I am afraid I will get holes or they will wear out. Also, my feet get awfully hot in them. I have a nice collection sitting on top pf a chest in my bedroom that I look at and admire. That really has to stop. I’ve used and enjoyed many yarns. I have to admit I have used all the colors of Lion Brand sock yarn and found them perfectly fine. I have also used Opal, Trekking, Paton’s Kroy and Lorna’s Laces without noticing that much difference except in weight. I am addicted to self-striping and variegated yarn though. I love to see how the colors change.
I have a goal for Soctoberfest, actually two. I would like to try toe-up socks and grafting. For all my socks I have used a three-needle bind off or gathered toe because I am afraid of grafting. After all that work will I drop all the stitches and never pick them up again? But I have a month to try and I will.


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oh, don't fear the grafting! it's like magic, and not hard at all. even if you drop a stitch, you'll be able to put it back on the needle, but if you insert your yarn needle in the loop before you take it off the dpn, you won't lose it. Good luck!

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