Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Current Events

I am still working on the cabled vest. I finally finished the back after almost three weeks. All those cables make my hands ache. I am doing both fronts at once but they are slow going too. Actually, I started a scarf this weekend as a travel project while in the car with my husband and did about 8 inches but it started leaning strangely to the left and the bottom looked wider than the top. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it before it went into the frog pond. It was from gifted yarn from Knitpastis in beautiful fall colors and the pattern was a giveaway at Stitches East taken from the new Victorian Lace Today book. Even though that book is gorgeous I really do not enjoy knitting lace so I doubt if I should buy it. This was the purple easy lace scarf in the book. Now I have to find something else lacey to make and there is only about 410 yards of the yarn.
The new pattern from the Six Sock Knitalong came out on December 1 and it looks like a winner. It is done in a solid color with a chain of slipped stitches in a contrasting color around the leg. I bought some black sock yarn and figured I would pair it with something from my stash but it really doesn’t look great with anything so it may have to wait until I can get to a yarn store. I discovered two yarn stores on the same block in Brooklyn near my mother’s house so I guess I can pick something up when I visit her next week. So no pictures this week but I’ll try to get double the amount for next time.


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