Friday, March 09, 2007

No New News

Not much has been happening on the knitting front. I have been really tired lately, maybe because it has been so horribly cold. I have finished all the pieces of the Ram's Horn Jacket, except for the collar which has me completely stumped. I've started it about six times and frogged each time. This is my latest effort. See how it is twisty and uneven. I'm not even sure what the directions mean. I'll never finish if I can't finish the collar so I will persevere. I am so neurotic about finishing things. I won't let myself start anything else big until this is done and I have other things I want to make.

Last week I was on jury duty and I needed something mindless and in Project Spectrum colors so I started this scarf. I called the court the day before and they told me I could not bring any kind of needles, even bamboo, but I did anyway and there was no problem. I just put this whole project in my handbag and it went through the metal detector with no problem. I would have gone crazy with no knitting.
I have a list of new projects to start so l'd better try that collar again tonight. Then all that is left is sewing together all the pieces, another slow job. Berroco has been having some nice patterns on their site lately. I've been wanting to crochet something for a long time and today they had a pattern for a nice cardigan, Cali. I may use up my brown Paton's Merino on it. Last time I crocheted I did too much and my wrist started hurting. It has been over a year now so it is time to try again. I also liked the vest they called Pike. For that I may have to buy the yarn. I don't have anything in my stash with the correct gauge so I may just order their yarn from Webs.


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