Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally Some Finished Objects

I’ve wanted to take some FO pictures and post them for a while but it has been so frigid outside and so dark inside that I have given up for now and will just tell about them. First, I completed Ariann. I don’t know what it is about this sweater that makes it so much fun to knit and then wear. It is a little smaller than I would have preferred and I think it is because it is hard to block a heavy wool lace sweater and get it really open like a scarf or shawl. But I love it. I am looking forward to making another one in silk with ¾ sleeves for spring. I also finished another Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature, this one in a color I might just wear, dark green. Also, I finished my first EZ Baby Surprise sweater. I’ve wanted to try this strange knit for a long time and now have a lot of friends whose daughters are having babies so I will need a few gifts. This one is in beige left-over sport weight wool to suit either a boy or girl. It seems to be a newborn size. I will definitely make a few more and probably use worsted weight so it is a little larger. It is another fun project that goes really quickly.
Project Spectrum is on and the colors this time are very seasonal. Wintry blue, white and gray just don’t appeal to me, even though blue seems to be everyone’s favorite color. I’ll have to take some photos with those colors. I do have two skeins of some heather gray and may make another Baby Surprise so I do something for Project Spectrum. Now the next colors are more “me.” I have just started the Ram’s Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature in a mixed yellow, green and blue tweed yarn and I may still be knitting it in April. If not, green is my favorite color so I’ll have no trouble finding something to knit with it. Both Ariann and my new Tam are green. Yellow and green are such nice spring colors. At this point, with winter here with a vengeance, I just can’t wait for spring.


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