Friday, February 09, 2007

Knitting and Yoga

Last weekend I went to Kripalu Yoga Institute for the first time. They were having a Joy of Knitting weekend with Karen Allen of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” fame. It was a great weekend. I loved the yoga, the fantastic vegetarian food, the beautiful grounds, relaxing in the solarium and the Dancekinetics classes. The knitting just wasn’t me but it was still fun. Karen does intarsia and knots and weaves in the ends as she goes. It is an interesting technique but something about knotting yarn bothers me and I never actually got the weaving-in technique. Using so many colors was confusing. I guess if you graph out and really plan your knitting it wouldn’t have been so confusing but doing it on the fly on a weekend was hard. All the women and the one man in the class were very nice though and it was lovely to meet, talk to other knitters and see other people’s knitting. There was just enough snow to make the place picturesque and it wasn’t so freezing that I couldn’t go for a wonderful woodsy walk.


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