Friday, July 06, 2007

It's a Mystery

I’ve spent this week on Mystery Stole 3 and having dental work. Although I swatched, I wasn’t happy with the Misti Alpaca Lace from the beginning. I loved the color but it just seemed too thin, even with #3 needles. I didn’t like how the edges were coming out. It frayed on the number 14 crochet hook every time I tried to put on a bead. The beads just got lost in the yarn. The whole thing just looked too open and the stitches just didn’t seem formed enough, if you know what I mean. Then, while on painkillers for my tooth, I attempted to knit row 95 and messed up big time. I decided to give up. Why worry about each row? Why not relax this summer with easy projects. I ordered two new books from the Knitpicks sale to inspire me, Fitted Knits and Favorite Socks.
Then I read the Yarn harlot’s blog. I saw she was doing the stole. It seemed like everyone was doing the stole. So I looked in my stash and found some fingering weight sock yarn. I liked it better immediately. The solid knit areas looked substantial while the yarnovers were nice and open. The beads provided contrast and didn’t get lost like in the alpaca. I had a little trouble getting them on the thicker yarn but I used the crochet hook with looped dental floss. So now I am trying again. I saw clue 2 today and it looks good. I’m now one of over 6,000 knitters. If they can do it I can too.


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