Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Here is the finished Lion Brand Yarn Cropped Raglan Sweater. Please don't look at the outfit. I know it doesn't match. I used the new Cotton Ease in taupe. I started it right before our Virginia trip for in the car knitting and it worked out well. It’s a top down knit and I just did row after row of stockinette while my husband drove. After I got home the stockinette quickly became old and it seems like it took forever to finish. Really, it was only about two weeks. I think it fits well and it is very comfortable. I lengthened the sleeves and hem. Eventually I would like to make another one, after the memory of stockinette hell fades.

I’ve been having trouble deciding what projects to make lately and today I came across an interesting site. Inspired by Nature KAL suggests you take inspiration from nature for your next project. I could certainly use some inspiration, so I joined. I’m going through my recent photos to see if any of them inspires me. I’ll be passing by Webs this weekend (well, it will only be a little way out of the way) so I can get any yarn I may need. This may be a great way to select my summer knitting.

I also started the June/July Victorian Lace Sock from Six Sock Knitalong. Actually, I have already finished the first sock. I’m glad I used this striped yarn instead of solid because it hides the myriad errors I have made. I am certainly not a lace knitter. It is a simple pattern but I’m always losing my yarnovers. Once I finished my Sockapalooza socks I wanted a pair of Monkey socks for myself, so that will be my next project.


Blogger jacquieblackman said...

Congrats on the sweater and the sock! They both look great!

And I hope you found the inspiration you needed to start your next project. Sometimes that can be the hardest part! I hope that when you left Webs you had more yarn than you'll know what to do with. ;-)

BTW - I checked on your package and it's in Buffalo so you should get it very soon. Yea!

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