Thursday, May 03, 2007

Secret Pals

I finished the scarf for my International Scarf Exchange secret pal and sent it out last Friday and four days later she got it. She wanted it a little wider and I made five repeats instead of three and it came out a little short so I included another scarf made from Morehouse Merino in pink and green shades. I forgot to take a picture of it. I just used a pattern from Barbara Walker and knit until the yarn was used up. I also included some healthy goodies like dried cranberries, chamomile tea, and Scharfenberger chocolate nubs. I was so glad to hear that she received it. This is my second time in this exchange and it is so much fun.
Now I can concentrate on Sockapoolaza 4. I’ve gotten my secret partner and am going to Modern Yarns today after work to find some perfect sock yarn. I’m still not sure which pattern to use but I am leaning towards Monkey Socks from Knitty. I’ve wanted to try them for some time.
Here is a picture for Project Spectrum April/May. Last weekend I went to the MET to see the new Greek and Roman Galleries and then walked in Central Park. This beautiful tree was right near the path.


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