Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Yarn Harlot in Brooklyn

Last night I left work early and went with a friend to Park Slope in Brooklyn to hear Stephanie Pearl- McPhee. Everything went so well. We didn’t hit any traffic and were able to find parking around the corner from the Barnes and Noble where she was speaking. We arrived two hours early so we had plenty of time to settle in, hit the Starbucks, buy some books and magazines and knit. We weren’t even the first ones there. At 7:10 she arrived and took pictures of the whole audience with her traveling sock. What a great speaker and a lovely person. She told us all about the tribulations of book publishing and then read us a chapter from her new book.
Questions flew and the then we had a book signing. Brooklyn is so wonderful. There are actually people on the streets after 8:00 pm. I got home earlier than I thought I would and with a great feeling of contentment. What a wonderful evening!

This is a Drops neckwarmer made from some leftover Patons Kroy sock yarn doubled. It is cozy and warm for the coming cold weather.


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