Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finished Shell Tank

Well, I missed Knit in Public Day on Saturday, June 10. I mean how was I supposed to get to Central Park in NYC carrying a seat either on the bus or from a parking lot? Why didn't they have it in a Starbucks? I couldn't find any events in NJ and the one in NY was the only one near me. I had good intentions but ended up visiting friends instead. I knit in front of them but that is nothing new. I tried to make up for it on Sunday though. I went to the city again and sat at the tables in Whole Foods in Union Square and knit for about an hour.
And I managed to finish the Shell Tank from Knitting Nature. There was so much seaming at the end, but it was worth it. I loved the pattern, especially the cables. It looks great on too. I didn't like the yarn though. It kept splitting and the plies even broke sometimes. I may make another one using the recommended cotton. I have a lot of projects I want to do from this book. But I have decided to stick to summer sweaters and tanks for now. I might as well make what I can wear now, right?


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