Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knitting Malaise

Lately I have just not been in a knitting mood. Maybe it is because the weather is finally beautiful. I've been walking around as much as possible and, although I listen to knitting podcasts while strolling, it is not conducive to knitting itself. I was working on Iris Schreier's Silky Tie Wrap when I saw another version in the current Vogue and decided I liked it better because the back was longer and I think that would be more flattering on me. So I ripped it back to the original triangle and am redoing it.
I went to Queens Saturday to Smileys for their big yarn sale. Wow, that was fun! I got some great bargains. I got the Lion Brand Cotton-Ease I was waiting for-Sitcom Chic here I come! I also got something called Filatura Lanarota Summer Soft in greens and purple. I think I'm going to start a tank from Knitting Nature with the purple. That might get me out of this funk. I also got some ribbon yarn. No plans for that yet.


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