Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Busy Weekend

Last weekend on Saturday I went to Silk City in Paterson, NJ and bought over three pounds of variegated wool crepe to make the Starburst Shawl from Modular Knits. After four tries, I gave up. So now I am trying to think of something else to use it for. Sunday I went to NYC and saw David Blaine. I walked to Lincoln Center and there he was. It was like a carnival sideshow and was jammed with spectators. After that I saw the play Doubt. It was terrific. On the bus I did manage to finish the tie from the book. I used purple Paton's Kroy which I doubled and size 4 needles. It was fast to make and I may make a few more for presents.

After the shawl didn't work out I decided to give myself a break so I didn't start anything new. Besides, I ordered Knitting Nature from Amazon and I wanted to wait until I got it and see if anything appealed to me. I got it today and there are a few possibilities. I just may have to buy more yarn though.
Another exciting thing was that I got two Project Spectrum Postcard Swap pals. I made two special green cards today but I won't post a picture until they get them so it stays a surprise.


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