Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

I have been off from work for four days and have precious little to show for it. I shopped for clothes. I did a little cooking. I did some knitting, but that Silky Tie Wrap is taking forever. I really think I could have competed two shawls in this time. It is a little more than half finished and it has been weeks. It is all garter stitch so it is so boring. I'm still plugging away though. In between looking for clothes, I went into toy stores asking for play mats to use for blocking the Flower Basket Shawl. I finally found one, a Cinderella one. I also goggled around for a welding supply store and found one not too far away in Clifton, NJ. I'm going this weekend to get some welding rods. They said they have them. Then I'll be all set.
In honor of Project Spectrum, for which I didn't knit anything green, I'm adding a green picture. It is Central Park. I'm really looking forward to blue in June. I don't know why but, in my wanderings around Manhattan, I have found so many more interesting blue pictures than green ones.


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