Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Day

Thanks to a snow day this week I managed to finish a few stalled projects. I've been working on this Zipped Vest for months. I frogged it once when I couldn't keep the moss stitch pattern straight and again when the bottom hem started rolling. I restarted it again using seed stitch instead of moss and zipped through it. Finally my husband has a different vest to wear instead of the same one he wears every day. I also finished the baby sweater for a new friend at work. It is a Classic Elite pattern and I enjoyed making it. It was a little tedious sewing the pieces together but I love the little pattern on the front. I'm going to make a hat to go with it. At the Smileys sale I managed to stock up on my favorite yarn in lots of colors. Now I have plenty for gifts and sweaters for me and my family. The weather has been awful this year with lots of ice and snow so maybe I'll have a few more snow days to spend knitting.


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